Ontario High Court Justice Krever J. noted in his 43 page decision

that lawyers have no more protection or immunity than other professionals in the community in Ontario




“Surely, one doesn’t need much vision to see that it is not the cons and criminals among us who need to be sent to our training centres.”

(Excerpt from an article written by a lawyer on public’s view of lawyers)

Because of the egregious conduct of an alarming number of practicing Lawyers, this registry, set up in the best interest of the public consumer, is seeking recorded and substantiated data and comments with respect to unethical conduct and performance during retained and associated legal representation.

               (Case Law-Negligence)
Ontario High Court of Justice, Krever, J.  February 23, 1979


“Justice For All”

You swear that you will be faithful and bear true allegiance to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors according to law. So help you God.

You are called to the degree of Barrister-at-law to protect and defend the rights and interests of such citizens as you may employ you. You shall conduct all cases faithfully and to the best of your ability. You shall neglect no man's interest, nor seek to destroy anyone's property. You shall not be guilty of champerty or maintenance. You, shall not refuse causes of complaint reasonably founded, nor shall you promote suits upon frivolous pretences. You shall not pervert the law to favour or prejudice anyone, but in all things shall conduct yourself truly and with integrity. In fine, the Queen's interest and your fellow citizens you shall uphold and maintain according to the constitution and law of this Province. All this do you swear to observe and perform to the best of your knowledge and ability — so help you God.

You also do sincerely promise and swear that you will truly and honestly conduct yourself in the practice of a solicitor according to the best of your knowledge and ability. So help you God.

A lawyers Obligation

(Excerpt from Upper Canada Law Society
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Currently the Law Society doesn’t share all information on any disciplinary action against a lawyer.  See how ‘swift’ their investigations are.
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Law Society of Upper Canada
 Class Action Notice

If you filed a complaint against a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada after January 1, 1999, you may have a cause of action and be entitled to receive compensation.

If you filed an appeal with the office of the complaints resolution commissioner after the law society failed to investigate your complaint in any meaningful way and provide a fair process and a just outcome, you may have a cause of action and be entitled to receive compensation.

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Law Society of Upper Canada
 Class Action Notice

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